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We help companies go from strategy to execution — fast.

What We Do

Catalant helps more than 30% of the Fortune 100 get from strategy to execution faster, with software that helps businesses accelerate mission critical work and more than 65,000 experts and 1,000 firms who help them deliver it.


Today, most companies are ineffective at executing their strategies. One of the biggest problems is that companies lack the operational clarity they need to effectively execute their strategies. They have no idea what work is being done, what value the work is driving, who’s doing the work, and whether those people are engaged and productive.


Our platform is designed to enable the process of strategy execution, starting with entering in a business’ most important strategic objectives, aligning work and breaking it down into distinct elements, accessing and deploying needed internal and external resources, collaborating to execute it, measuring the work’s value, and providing insights to keep improving how it all gets done.

Rob Biederman

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Rob Biederman is the co-founder and CEO of Catalant Technologies. Prior to founding Catalant, Rob was a private equity investor at Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, where he focused on the health care and high technology industries. Originally from New York, Rob attended Princeton University and graduated from Harvard Business School.

Pat Petitti

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Pat Petitti is the co-founder and CEO of Catalant Technologies. Prior to founding Catalant, Petitti was a consultant at negotiation and conflict management consulting firm Vantage Partners, and before that at Booz Allen Hamilton. Petitti received his BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MBA from the Harvard Business School. He is a Bostonian born and raised.

We started as HourlyNerd, an online marketplace for elite independent consultants. Then our customers convinced us to think bigger. Some of the largest, most successful organizations in the world started using our software to not only find strategic contingent talent, but to execute their most important initiatives. So we invested in that vision.

Today, top global companies like Anheuser-Busch InBev, GE, Highmark Health, Pfizer, and Bain & Company use the Catalant Platform to accelerate and deliver some of their most important work with our software and access world-class independent consultants and firms. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds every year we’ve been in business, and we’re just getting started.


Pat and Rob launch HourlyNerd at Harvard Business School


HourlyNerd rebranded as Catalant Technologies


Expanded European Business


Opened Rochester, NY office

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