About Catalant

Powering The Future of Work

Changing Technology

Remarkable changes in technology and in the workforce have transformed how companies and communities of talent engage. Catalant has become the destination for companies to access on-demand knowledge talent.

Global Network

We provide companies access to a global network of 40,000 experienced independent consultants and boutique firms. Companies tap into these external business problem solvers efficiently and on-demand to tackle a range of critical project needs including strategy, marketing, finance, sales, operations and program management work.

Talent Pools

Beyond this network of external business talent, companies leverage Catalant’s technology tools to build and manage other curated pools of talent from alumni of their firm to internal teams. Only Catalant offers seamless integration of multiple talent pools, allowing for one-click comparisons across internal and external solutions for the same project.

Founding and Funding

Catalant serves leading companies, including GE, Pfizer, Staples, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Univision, and Medtronic. We have support from leading investors, including Highland Capital Partners, General Catalyst, Greylock Partners, GE Ventures, Mark Cuban, and Intuit founder Scott Cook.