12 Signs You are a Bad Boss

Anshul Agrawal
January 19, 2016
This topic needs no introduction. If most of the instances below apply to you, you are probably a bad boss. Go ahead, find out for yourself:

1. Everyone is always busy when you are around

This probably means that your employees are not being themselves in front of you and that there are severe trust issues. It is not possible for a person to be productive all the time. If your employees are always busy when you are around, that means you don't trust them to do their jobs and they are going out of their way to ensure that you “see” them doing their jobs.

2. You do not like it when people criticize you

When an employee gives you constructive feedback, you don't take it well. This is a sign of insecurity and the fact that you do not want to learn and improve. Yup, you are a bad boss.

3. You do not have a growth plan for each of your employees

If you do not have a plan for growth for each employee within the company, you will most likely not retain your top talent.

4. You have said: "Cus I am the boss"

This is rock bottom for any manager. It shows that your employees do not trust you or that you do not value the input of your employees. Either way, you will make the "I have the worst boss" list.

5. You have a favorite employee

Enough said.

6. You haven't fired the low performer(s)

When you don't let go of the low performers, you send a message to your team that high-performance is not appreciated. This will frustrate your high performers and they will leave for better jobs (or bosses).

7. You have lied to your employees

Sooner or later, your employees will be able to find out if you lied to them about something. And when they do, their performance and productivity will drop. Probably because they are looking for new jobs while at work.

8. You believe in secrets

Employees, especially Millennials, expect transparency from you about their work. The more you share, the better they will understand the big picture, which will lead to better performance. Of course, if you don't share enough with them, the opposite will happen.

9. You do not give raises until your employees ask for them

Your employees should be able to rely on you to provide them with a competitive salary. If they are worried about not getting paid enough, that's lost time that could have been put to better use.

10. You do not know the names of your team members

This is really not acceptable in today's workplace. Get it together.

11. You do not give and take feedback on a monthly basis

You should give and get feedback from your employees on a frequent basis. I prefer weekly, but monthly is fine to begin with. If you are not doing this already, you are not vested enough in the needs of your employees.

12. You have blocked social media websites

If you treat your employees as kids, don't expect them to perform as adults. Your employees know how to balance their work and play and you just need to trust them.

About the Author

Anshul Agrawal

Anshul is the founder of June 15 Consulting, where he assists clients with market research, business plans, and human capital. His clients range from startups to Fortune 50 companies. He is one of the top consultants on HourlyNerd. He loves to write, run, travel, and play ping pong.

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