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The Founders
July 26, 2016
  On the heels of our Series C funding announcement with General Catalyst Partners, we’re stepping out today with a new name, brand and identity. We’d like to introduce you to Catalant: we believe that technology can empower individuals to accomplish more than they ever thought was possible. Our newly formed parent company, Catalant Technologies, will serve both large enterprises and small businesses. We will provide a tailored experience for enterprises through our Catalant brand, while our small business offering will continue to operate under the name “HourlyNerd powered by Catalant.” We’ve had three years of success  and we’re tremendously grateful for everyone who has played a part in our story to date. And while we will always pay homage to the past, Catalant is our future. So what does the future look like? It’s a world where people are able to assert their independence by controlling where, when and how they do business; a world where knowledge is indexed and searchable and where companies use technology to tap into the global brain. Catalant represents a transformation for our business as we focus on educating businesses on how to incorporate the freelance model into their day-to-day operations. We’ve developed products and services specifically for this market so that they have the right structure in place to access the exact right talent and knowledge, at the right time. We are helping to drive what may ultimately be the most fundamental shift in employment since the Industrial Revolution; we needed a brand that tells our story to an eager market.

A New Look

Now that you’ve heard about the vision, let’s talk about our new look. It starts with the name: Catalant is a combination of Catalyst, Brilliant, and Talent. It represents the role we play in being a catalyst for businesses, by giving them access to an incredible pool of highly skilled, “brilliant” freelance talent that can help to solve critical business challenges. Visually, Catalant’s new brand identity is a bold, modern contrast of orange accents with a monochromatic greyscale backdrop. In a world full of blues and greens, it’s a fresh take on the status quo. The typeface and design of the new logo are bold and powerful, designed to demonstrate leadership and confidence while maintaining simplicity. And the orange dash, while a striking design feature, is actually meant to symbolize our mission of connecting the best talent to the best brands. We designed our new brand and tagline – Accomplish More - to appeal to those who matter most to us to our future – our growing network of freelance business experts and the businesses that want to hire them. If you’d like to see that vision come to life, check out our new video. For more information on the rebrand check out our press release here. We couldn’t be more excited to have you along on this journey. Rob, Pat and Peter

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The Founders

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