Anheuser Busch-InBev’s Business Agility Journey

Catalant Staff

At the recent Reimagining Work Summit, Catalant brought together an exclusive group of top executives and thought leaders to discuss the rapidly evolving world of work.

In this exclusive presentation, Catalant’s Director of Enterprise Growth, Cibele Baranauskas, thoughtfully discusses the business agility journey of Anheuser Busch-InBev with the company’s VP of People and Management, Fabio Kapitanovas.

“The future workforce is going to be totally different than what it is today.”

Fabio leads the management systems that oversee the company’s 200,000 global employees. In this interview, he talks about the role of talent, how it has changed form the past, and, finally, how AB InBev has leveraged Catalant’s software to create an internal marketplace to match people against tasks and projects and get mission critical work done faster.

Watch the video to hear what Fabio has to say about the importance of innovation:


If we just sit there and wait, most likely somebody will invent something and disrupt our business.” 

We want to attract people with an innovative mindset to help us rethink the business.”

Let’s get going and moving within an agile mindset and it will naturally evolve.” 


Fabio Kapitanovas
VP of People and Management
AB InBev

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