New Podcast: How to use Big Data to Stay Competitive

September 19, 2016

Wondering what you should do about “big data?"

We sit down with Catalant expert Dave Herman to talk about two rising technologies that can drive deep insights into your business and give you a leg up on the competition.

Dave shares how to get started with one of these technologies (data visualization) and the biggest mistake to avoid when trying to integrate it in your organization.

He goes further into neural networks, sharing the story of how he became convinced of the power of such advanced analytics while working at a metal smelter in the Australian outback.

Dave is advising leading industrial clients on these technologies and others and we’re excited to share his insights in this episode.

About Dave Herman:

  • CEO at Anthros Consulting
  • Former consultant at McKinsey & Company
  • PhD, Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern University
  • BS, Materials Science & Engineering, Cornell University

Interested in working with Dave? Contact us to get started. 

Episode highlights:

2:00 - Overview of data visualization and advanced analytics

3:30 - A firsthand story of seeing data visualization catapult a manager’s career and spark organizational change

7:00 - How data visualization can reduce meeting time, drive insights, and result in decisions

7:45 - Advice for managers on getting up to speed on data visualization

9:15 - How NOT to incorporate data visualization into your company

11:15 - Dave’s additional advice on how to get going with data visualization

13:30 - Neural networks as an advanced analytic technique and its power to drive insights

16:30 - The first steps a manager can take to get up to speed on neural networks or other advanced analytics

19:00 - The best advice Dave ever received and how managers can apply it

Mentioned in this episode:

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