Catalant: A Year in Review

Rob Biederman
December 22, 2016
As the year winds down, I can’t help but reflect on 2016. At a startup, the passage of time can feel misleading; working hard and fast can lead to a couple of weeks passing by in a flash. To think another year has passed is hard to believe, yet we’ve learned and grown a lot in the last year. Below, I look back at 2016 and share the successes and challenges we’ve faced as a company.   New Faces It was an exciting year for Catalant in many ways. For me and my fellow co-founders, Pat and Peter, a true highlight was adding 74 incredible people to our team. The growth of our company is a direct result of the hard work of our employees, and we are constantly floored by the talent we’ve been fortunate enough to add to the team. What started as four people in our HBS apartments has grown to be more than 110 committed, ambitious and bright people all working towards the shared goal of changing the way people work.   New Partners & New Name We reached a major milestone in raising our Series C, and were thrilled to add General Catalyst as a partner. This raise also reaffirmed our relationship with Highland Capital, GE Ventures, Greylock, and Mark Cuban. On the heels of this raise, we announced our rebranding from HourlyNerd to Catalant Technologies. It was a repositioning for our company which had outgrown its original branding. We needed to step away from our history as a company that connected MBA students to small businesses to our current state of connecting highly-skilled and experienced professionals to the Fortune 100 in a flexible way.   New Milestones In 2016, we increased our network of experts by 34%, adding more than 16,000 independent experts and boutique firms to the platform. Our network is stronger than it has ever been which is more proof that people are looking to work differently, seeking control over both their professional and personal lives. I’d encourage you to watch a few of our expert stories to learn more about the amazing experts on the platform.   Challenging Moments Running a startup comes with a constant set of challenges, especially when you are pushing the world’s largest companies to think differently about how they engage top talent – something they’ve done one way for more than a century in many cases.  It’s no small task, but no one said it would be easy.  We are armed with some of the most talented employees, advisors, investors, clients, and experts in the world.  We’re ready and excited for the challenges ahead.   What to Expect in the New Year In 2017, we look forward to furthering and deepening our relationships with our clients, becoming a transformative resource for their team. This will be the year that we become a core part of the Fortune 100’s talent stack. As the freelance economy continues to grow, we expect a higher demand for highly-skilled and niche expertise like those in the Catalant network. It will be an exciting year!

About the Author

Rob Biederman

Rob Biederman is co-founder and CEO of Catalant  Technologies, Inc. Prior to founding Catalant, Rob was a private equity investor at Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, where he focused on the healthcare and high-tech industries. Rob  attended Princeton University and graduated from Harvard Business School.

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