CPG Distribution Strategy

December 17, 2016

Case Study

Accessing Expertise to Develop a CPG's Distribution Strategy

A Fortune 100 CPG company used Catalant to access expertise to reevaluate its distribution strategy in the face of significant impending go-to-market disruption.



The Challenge

Facing changes to its retail operations, a Fortune 100 CPG company was required to reevaluate the distribution strategy for a popular product line. The project sponsor, a business unit General Manager, needed to access expertise in consumer products, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar retail to help assess and recommend a new distribution strategy. In only days, the client received a proposal from a completely bespoke team composed of three former consultants and industry operators with the required experience and qualifications.
“I can say emphatically that the ability to hand pick our team with the exact experience we needed was a major reason we chose them over [Big Three firm]. I loved that with Catalant teams it’s always the consultants with the relevant experience that are doing the heavy lifting.”


The Experts

The client engaged a custom-built team of three experts, with one senior team member embedded as project manager. The team lead, Michael, was a CPG marketer-turned-independent consultant with more than ten years of experience. The second team member was Carlos, a retail and consumer-focused businesses leader, with e-commerce experience as both a consultant at BCG and an operator at Target. The third team member, Evana, was a retail expert with more than ten years specialized experience in mall retail.
“We got more relevantly experienced consultants, a better cost, and quicker ramp up from Catalant than from traditional [consulting] firms.”


The Project

Over four months, the project focused on identifying and assessing new distribution opportunities and the internal capabilities required for each. The major work streams included market sizing, unit economics analysis, and consumer insights. The engagement required sophisticated analytical and strategic assessments, as well as the organizational savvy to gain buy-in across a large organization.  


The Results

The final report was delivered to the company CEO, and the team's recommendations were implemented immediately through a second project with the same expert team. One year after beginning to implement the team’s recommendations, the client realized one of its most successful commercial outcomes in decades.  

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