The Digital Workspace Enabling Flexible Talent Access

The Digital Workspace Enabling Flexible Talent Access

July 20, 2020
Written by

Madison Klein

Published on

July 20, 2020

Historically, many large companies have relied upon global management consulting firms to help them navigate strategic pivots. As a result, most enterprises are well accustomed to executing major initiatives across blended internal and external teams.

However, the pre-pandemic model of having management consulting firms deploy well-heeled “boots on the ground” to corporate offices is breaking down in the current business climate for multiple reasons:

  1. Many organizations are less inclined (and, indeed, less able) to pay for costly and inefficient consulting engagements;
  2. As the majority of the global workforce is now working in a remote capacity, strategic initiatives require more than professional services alone — orchestration requires technology that supports a digital workplace.

Large companies need tech-enabled ways to pivot strategy quickly, to reprioritize their initiatives in response to changes in the market, and to accelerate execution through flexible talent access.

This level of orchestration requires visibility into work happening across the organization and into the knowledge and skills needed, access to internal and external talent, and digital capabilities supporting multi-directional communication, collaboration, and coordination.

Catalant’s SaaS Platform and Expert Marketplace provide a digital workspace that streamlines talent access for strategic work.


Project Visibility

View all of your projects in one place, regardless of whether you’re a project owner, a collaborator, or you simply need visibility to inform other workstreams.


Easy Project Creation

Getting started with Catalant is as easy as creating an account on our Expert Marketplace and describing your needs. If you’re not exactly sure what your needs are, check out our Marketplace Services for a comprehensive list of packaged projects offered by the experts on our platform.


Review Pitches and Proposals

After posting your project, independent consultants and firms with relevant backgrounds will reach out with initial expressions of interest and fit. This usually happens within 24-48 hours.

From there, you can propose an audio or video call to learn more about their backgrounds, align on the details of the project, and request proposals.


Easy Scheduling

Once you’ve posted your project and received pitches rom experts, Catalant’s scheduling feature makes it simple to find time to connect.


Zoom Integration and Chat

At Catalant, we are always looking for ways to help business leaders connect with and engage top independent experts. That’s why we partnered with Zoom to give customers and experts in our Expert Marketplace an easy way to meet while discussing potential or ongoing engagements.



Whether you are discussing a potential engagement with an independent consultant or collaborating on an active engagement with your team, your Catalant workspace also gives you with an easy way to chat with your teammates, share critical information about your projects, and keep everyone in the loop.

File Uploads and Asset Repository

Your workspace also allows you to upload and share files with your teammate so that you always have contextualized access to the assets that are helping you to drive work forward.


Milestone Tracking

In addition to providing your team with unstructured updates via chat, your Catalant workspace also gives you and your team the ability to break work down into smaller milestones along the way. By tracking milestones, you add structure to your project, consistency in how your team reports on progress, and transparency that drives accountability.



Strategic work often has staggered timelines and dependencies with other projects, so breaking down milestones also facilitates greater coordination across interrelated projects and initiatives.

Project Health Status

Easily update and communicate the health of your projects and initiatives to your team. This transparency enables your team to have a shared understanding of progress, to adjust expectations and deadlines accordingly, and to intervene as needed to keep projects on track.


Ratings and Reviews

After engagements are complete, businesses leave ratings and reviews for independent consultants and firms. These testimonials equip businesses with much more information about potential candidates than traditional resumes or static profiles.



Ratings and reviews also give independent consultants and firms the opportunity to showcase their knowledge, skills, and work from previous engagements, which can help them to win future work.

Catalant’s Expert Marketplace has the talent and technology to help you get from strategy to execution faster.

Through years of developing Catalant’s Expert Marketplace and SaaS platform with our enterprise customers, we’ve learned that uniting the right capabilities with the right technology is indispensable for scaling with large companies and evolving with their changing needs.

Our Expert Marketplace is an efficient, scalable way to find the right resource at the right time for your company’s most important work, giving you direct access to the knowledge and skills you need to execute your strategies.

Cost Comparisons

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Traditional consulting firms aren’t right-sized for the work many companies need right now, and can no longer camp out in clients’ offices due to public health concerns and an increasingly digital workplace.