Expert Story: Dave Herman

Dave Herman
December 5, 2016

What were you doing before Catalant?

Before Catalant, I had worked at McKinsey & Company for just over 2 years. I left McKinsey to start my own company, Anthros Consulting, and 6 months into that venture, I discovered Catalant as a new way to find clients.

Why did you decide to work independently?

I loved being at McKinsey, but for me, there's no feeling that compares to running my own company. I value the autonomy and flexibility independent consulting provides.

How did you find out about Catalant? 

I found out about Catalant during a lunch with a friend of mine in the Fall of 2015. One of the topics that came up was the difficulty I was having generating sales during that time of the year, particularly because of the long sales cycles associated with the type of work we were selling. He had just heard about Catalant, and suggested I look into it. I signed up, and within seven days I had won a bid with a client who became one of my most important clients throughout the following year.

What is one of your favorite Catalant projects? 

My favorite Catalant project is one where I facilitated an engineering and supply chain team at a large Fortune 100 to design their next generation of offerings in a way that leveraged their engineering excellence while also taking into account the supply chain impact those choices would have. It was a great project, and allowed me to leverage my PhD in engineering with my business experience from McKinsey. It was also an opportunity to do some amazing data visualization using Tableau in a way that got all of us to internalize insights quickly and drive the conversation forward rapidly. After that first phase, I stayed on at the client for several more months to see the implementation all the way through. It was a really fulfilling experience all-around.

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About the Author

Dave Herman

Dave Herman is the CEO of Anthros Consulting, Inc, a Boston-based firm that combines business strategy with software systems solutions, data visualization, and big data analytics to deliver end-to-end transformations to business processes. Prior to Anthros, he worked as a strategy consultant in the Global Energy and Materials practice at McKinsey & Company, focusing on strategy, operations, and supply chain in the chemicals, agriculture, and mining industries.

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