Expert Story: Kara Yokley

Kara Yokley
November 16, 2016

What were you doing before Catalant?

Before Catalant, I was working at a boutique consulting firm in Chicago helping the C-suite execs of small and medium-sized businesses with crafting data-based strategy and initiatives.

Why did you decide to work independently?

My husband and I are travel junkies.  We had a dream of living abroad part of each year to immerse ourselves in different cultures and constantly challenge our comfort zone.  I started on a search for work that could provide that kind of flexibility.  Not being an internet sales & marketing guru, I wasn't sure how we could possibly pull this off.  When I discovered Catalant, it was like a flicker of hope that my fairly staid, corporate skills could be utilized in a way that would also be location-agnostic.  Since I first discovered Catalant in March 2015, I haven't looked back.

How did you find out about Catalant? 

I found Catalant (then HourlyNerd) in a slideshow about the gig economy on the Refinery29 blog.

What is one of your favorite Catalant projects? 

I worked on a project last year for a Fortune 500 company that was exploring strategic alternatives for some of its business lines.  The senior management needed data and analysis to inform their recommendations to the board.  The work that I did provided a foundation for this final presentation.  It's exciting and gratifying to know that my work is helping corporate strategy teams to navigate the business challenges and opportunities they face.

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About the Author

Kara Yokley

Kara has a strong background in financial and strategy consulting. She started her career in high-performance computing market research. Kara spent years conducting primary research, publishing reports, and writing whitepapers for leading technology companies. After Wharton Business School, she worked in investment banking and finance. Most recently, Kara has been conducting financial and market strategy for technology companies.

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