Expert Story: Lauren Ward

Lauren Ward
November 28, 2016

What were you doing before Catalant?

Before I found work through Catalant, I was in and out of the workforce after having kids and battling breast cancer. I used my personal network to find work primarily in business development - at professional services and media and technology firms in Austin.

Why did you decide to work independently?

I wanted the ability to control my own hours - spending time with my kids and working on other projects was important. I also wanted to contribute professionally in a meaningful way and be able to decide the projects and clients that would be a great fit for me. Ultimately, I wanted flexibility.

How did you find out about Catalant? 

I read about Catalant in the newspaper and, in the course of my networking, came across some consultants for whom I had great respect that used the platform. With their help and support, I became active in the Catalant world and continue to work on projects as my time and availability allow.

What is one of your favorite Catalant projects? 

An enterprise innovation team is consistently looking for stats, facts and figures about the pace of change and how the future is evolving. Did you know that more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush? That it would take 20 years for one person to read all the tweets that the world sends in one day? That Great Britain is able to power all of its electricity for multiple days in a row with only renewable energy? That molecular machines have been generated that can identify and sequence DNA? My client wants this kind of data on a monthly basis to inform their GM's public speaking and white paper production so they can stay ahead of the data ... and represent themselves as ahead of the curve in technology and knowledge.

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About the Author

Lauren Ward

Lauren Ward has 15+ years in experience as a consultant in business development, strategy and marketing through her firm Ward Business and Strategy Consulting, LLC. Her specialties include conducting customer segmentation, best practices and competitive assessments, as well as marketing research and growth strategies. Lauren graduated from Duke University cum laude, and received her MBA at the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. In 2012, Lauren successfully battled Stage 3 breast cancer. Lauren is a proud mom of three, including twins, and in between the chaos, loves to write, travel, SCUBA dive and play tennis.

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