Headline News: Agility Increases in the Workplace

Allison Mandel
April 6, 2017

The pressure for heightened agility in the workplace has affected businesses small and large. Recent studies predict that the contingent workforce will grow to over 9 million people by 2021—that's up from just under 4 million people today.  

Wondering what people are saying about the evolution of work? Get up to speed with these five articles:


Citing data from Intuit and Emergent Research’s “Dispatches from the New Economy: The On-Demand Workforce” study, Elaine Pofeldt, contributor at Forbes, offers an explanation into the reason people are attracted to the gig economy. From financial hardship and limited savings to high costs of living and the desire for alternative safety nets, masses from all different demographics are moving into the on-demand economy at full speed.

What makes people take on gig work? Check out this article for more information: On-Demand Work: The New Social Safety Net


CB Insights offers a unique overview and visual of HR tech via an image of a periodic table. Covering over 130 companies within a wide range of categories like flexible hiring, candidate management, staffing and scheduling, job boards, technology and automation, compensation and benefits and workplace culture, the table captures an interesting look at the most active and healthy investors in the industry.

Which companies are making moves in HR technology? Find out here: Remember the Periodic Table? Here’s One for HR Tech Providers


“The hiring process is standing in the way of innovation,” says Chris Collins, GM at Catalant, in his reader forum piece on RCR Wireless News. Emphasizing the need for telecom companies to embrace agility with data-based talent-access platforms, Collins offers a financially and operationally efficient solution to navigating the challenges currently facing the telecommunications industry.

Interested in the Internet of Things and Big Data? Read this one: Why Successful Telecom Leaders Leverage the Gig Economy


Citing both real-world examples and data from a study on millennials, Rob Biederman, Catalant’s CEO, discusses how startup companies can attract the next-generation workforce. "Be honest and adhere to a set of values that align with those of your customers," he advises. Biederman also explains what younger generations want from their professional careers and how it's vital for brands to pay particular attention to social responsibility.

Trying to forge a path for your millennial consumers and employees? You’ll be interested in this one: The Trick to Attracting Millennials to Your Startup Brand


Andrew Karpie, analyst over at Spend Matters, introduces a recently released white paper and explains how platform models "orchestrate value-creating interactions." Karpie advises businesses to tap into independent consultants and experts via talent marketplace platforms, which support the current talent gap with new solutions that offer optimal outcomes at considerably lower costs.

Want to download the white paper and learn more? Read this piece: White Paper: The Role of Platforms in Sourcing and Engaging Business Talent

Whether you want to be part of the contingent workforce or hire a consultant to help out at your company, keeping up on employment and HR trends will help ensure your business maintains success.

Interested in learning about the behavioral and structural changes that organizations are making to succeed in the new world of work? Download the whitepaper we co-produced with the guys from Good Is the New Cool on marketing in the age of the millennial.  

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