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March 2, 2017
Companies are witnessing a seismic change in their workforces. With nearly 40 million people serving as independent contractors in the United States, it's clear the future of work has arrived. From the gig economy to contingent and on-demand employees, these five articles will help you understand the evolution of work as we know it.


"The gig economy isn’t just for rides anymore," says Leisa Taylor, an organization development and HR consultant at Taylor Advisory Group. In her article, Taylor explains how to access highly qualified freelancers and how to most effectively utilize a contingent workforce. She also takes a deep dive into the reasons the gig economy is taking over. Are you a business owner or hiring manager looking to employ a top-tier freelancer? You'll want to read this: The Gig Economy: Your Ticket to Sourcing Top Talent


Taras Berezowsky, managing editor over at Spend Matters, offers some friendly advice and resources for independent contractors. In his article, Berezowsky suggests getting to know internal business users and service providers. Want to stay ahead of the workforce technology curve? Take a look here: 3 Ways Contingent Workforce and Services Procurement Professionals Can Stay Ahead in 2017


In his feature piece on BetaNews, Catalant's general manager Chris Collins discusses how to adopt new business strategies and leverage the gig economy to help navigate the current challenges and changes in the telecom industry. Collins says companies that embrace new technology will be the most successful. Want to know what differentiates a thriving telecom business from a middle-of-the-road company? This article is for you: Why Telecom Companies Must Take Advantage of the Gig Economy


Has the traditional job market failed American workers? Exploring statistics from Intuit's recently released economic report, tech writer Ruth Reader at Fast Company presents a look at why traditional employees are turning to project-based work. Interested in seeing the data that supports all this growth? You'll enjoy this piece: Intuit Says the On-Demand Economy Is Only Getting Bigger


It seems the rise of the on-demand economy is manifesting a new breed of worker. Discussing a great shift in workforce demographics, Catalant’s CEO Rob Biederman proposes a unique perspective on how millennials are affecting the evolution of work. Do you believe the market is moving towards a world in which the “how, when, and for which company” is becoming irrelevant? You'll be interested in this: The Future of Work Is Anything You Want It to Be Staying informed on the latest HR and employment trends equips you with the best tools and techniques to move your business in the right direction. Whether you want to become an independent contractor or hire one, Catalant is here to support you. ___ Is your business tackling the recent changes or are you letting your competition move ahead? Do you know of an informative piece that should be on this list? Shoot us your favorite articles and we'll try to feature them in our next headline news archive: jpuklin@gocatalant.com
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