[Video] Here’s How Accessing and Deploying the Right Talent Drives Innovation

Catalant Staff

Smart business leaders know they need to drive innovation, future growth, and business agility. That’s why today’s top leaders are pushing a new mindset: building an agile workforce is about talent access, not talent acquisition.

At the recent Reimagining Work Summit, GE’s Chief Innovation Officer & CEO of Business Innovations, Sue Siegel, sat down with Catalant’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Pat Petitti, to discuss how Catalant helps companies access and deploy talent to get work done faster.

Sue and Pat discuss why it’s so critical for companies to challenge traditional organizational silos, harness new technology, and drive innovation forward. Sue asks Pat some great questions about leveraging digital transformation to engage both internal and external talent.

Pat talks about some of the work that Catalant and GE have done together and explains how Catalant makes it easier for large, complex companies to get more out of their workforce in a way that increases employee engagement, drives growth, and cut costs.

Watch the entire interview below:


If you can do a better job of connecting your employees to the work they’re most passionate about — that they have skills in and can contribute to — then you can get work done far, far more efficiently.”


Pat Petitti
Co-CEO and Co-Founder

You’ve been in aviation, power, digital, healthcare, and ventures. You’ve really — across the board — been available for folks to be able to access talent. More and more we’re learning how to do this in a different way, so for all of that, thank you.”


Sue Siegel
Chief Innovation Officer & CEO of Business Innovations

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