Here’s How UBER, Wayfair, & General Assembly Captured Disruptive Opportunities

Catalant Staff

In today’s competitive business landscape, the time to drive innovation and business agility is now.

At the recent Reimagining Work Summit, Catalant brought together an exclusive group of executives and thought leaders to discuss why business leaders must be ready to see innovative strategies through to stand a chance at capturing disruptive market opportunities.

Moderated by Catalant’s Vice President of Growth Pat Griffin, this impressive panel entitled “The Disruptors” includes UBER’s General Manager Meghan Joyce, General Assembly’s General Manager Charlie Schilling, and Wayfair’s Head of Talent Kate Gulliver.

Watch the entire presentation on the unrelenting, rapid rate of innovation:


Speed is everything. Speed and logistics, frankly. For us, maintaining the speed is actually critical to our success.”


Kate Gulliver
Head of Talent

There’s just so much subject matter expertise that exists within the four walls of your company, if you could only find it.”


Charlie Schilling
General Manager
General Assembly

UBER is highly, highly cross-functional in nature. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you can share that with people and they can help you solve it from another angle.”


Meghan Joyce
North American General Manager

Practical tips around having an ecosystem for your business: hire people who know how to pivot and run a lot of small-scale experiments.”


Pat Griffin
Vice President of Growth

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