How Large Enterprises Can Benefit from Emulating Lean Startups

March 28, 2016
HourlyNerd Reveals How Large Enterprises Can Benefit from Emulating Lean Startups Key brands represented in the newly issued white paper include GE, Intuit, Amgen and BASF BOSTON – March 28, 2016HourlyNerd, the leading technology platform connecting enterprises with on-demand, business talent, today released a paper entitled, “How to Run Your Enterprise Like a Lean Startup,” that explores how four marquee brands, GE, Intuit, Amgen and BASF, proved that large can also be lean. Large enterprises are process-driven, entrenched in corporate history and responsible for tens of thousands of employees and customers around the world. To many, operating lean can be difficult to imagine. In this paper, HourlyNerd argues the opposite; the resources these large companies have at their disposal actually give them a tremendous opportunity to capture, monetize and benefit from the core tenants of what it means to think and act like a startup. This includes the need to be focused on core targets, flexible enough to learn and innovate, and fast enough to capture markets. Additional topics covered in the paper include:
  • Which startup qualities to copy, what to ignore, and what to adapt to fit current strategies
  • The importance of incorporating external partners and customer feedback into product development and ideation to lend a fresh perspective
  • How to break down the layers between customer feedback and leadership to better identify areas of opportunity and challenges
“Every large company was once a startup, but as they grow they often lose the entrepreneurial spirit that made them what they were,” said Rob Biederman, CEO and co-founder of HourlyNerd. “We believe that the characteristics of a startup, e.g. flexibility, innovation, lean processes, etc., can and should scale along with the business. In this paper we’ve outlined the best practices that we’ve seen to be successful for doing that.” “In today’s environment, innovation is happening more quickly, competition is always around the corner, and change is constant. In order to succeed, you must always be open to new ideas, comfortable with new ways of working and willing to disrupt yourself at a moment’s notice,” said Alex Chriss, VP & GM of the Self-Employed Solutions at Intuit.  “At Intuit, we work hard to create an environment where teams are empowered to be entrepreneurs and given the flexibility to solve business challenges in new and different ways.” “We’ve had the honor of working with a number Fortune 1000 companies to help them bring flexibility and innovation into their business,” added Biederman. “And we see tremendous potential to extend that work to all types of businesses.” To read the full paper and learn more about HourlyNerd’s Enterprise services follow this link. About HourlyNerd HourlyNerd is the leading technology platform delivering elite business talent. HourlyNerd’s innovative human capital solution connects top independent professionals with enterprises to tackle projects flexibly, quickly and efficiently. HourlyNerd has built a global network of nearly 20,000 boutique consulting firms, custom teams, and independent experts, as well as best-in-class software tools for engaging and managing this market. Based in Boston, HourlyNerd serves thousands of clients, including Fortune 1000 companies like GE, Staples, and Microsoft, as well as countless others on a confidential basis. For more information, visit Media Contact Jill Fisk (617) 692-0529 How to Run Your Enterprise Like a Lean Startup

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