My Journey from Salesforce to Catalant

Dave Walsh
January 18, 2017
What was your experience at Salesforce? Where do you see the "on-demand economy" in 5 years? What learnings can you bring from your experience at Salesforce to Catalant These were a few of the questions we asked Dave Walsh, Catalant's new chief revenue officer, when we sat down with him last week. With more than 30 years of experience driving sales strategies for high growth organizations, Dave had a lot to say about scaling a business, on-demand talent and goal setting. ___ Q. Can you tell us about your decision to join Catalant? Why did you choose Catalant? A. I evaluate opportunities based first on the people and Catalant aced this criteria with some of the brightest most motivated people I have met in my 30 years in enterprise sales.  Secondly, is the market opportunity.  At Salesforce we had a $32B market opportunity and Salesforce today is a $10B company.  The addressable market for Catalant is arguably in excess of $200B so Catalant has a lot of room to run! Q. What was your experience at salesforce that you can bring here? A. Scaling growth fast.  I joined Salesforce when they were less than 500 people and $60M in sales.  I helped drive 100X growth and Salesforce was 22,000 people and $6.5B when I left. Q. What has been your experience with the “on-demand economy”? A. Other than the usual consumer level solutions (Uber, etc…) I was unaware that freelance management consulting existed. Q. Where do you see the “on-demand economy” going in 5 years? A. The ship has sailed on the juggernaut that is the on-demand economy.  Companies big and small are on notice to evolve or die.  It will be an exciting time as enterprise business begins to use on-demand talent like that from Catalant to meet its strategic needs in real time, with high quality and with an eye toward reduced overhead. Q. What learnings can you bring from your experience at Salesforce to Catalant? A. Marc Benioff ran Salesforce from the beginning centered around hiring the right people, having the best product and goal setting.  I intend to adopt Marc’s disciplines for Catalant. ___  
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About the Author

Dave Walsh

Dave has 30 years experience in enterprise sales helping accelerate growth at early stage companies. During his 12 years at, Dave was part of the first enterprise sales team that propelled from $60 million to over $6 billion. During this time went from a startup to a Fortune 500 company. Prior to, Dave spent seven years with CRM pioneer, Onyx Software. Dave closed strategic enterprise transactions helping Onyx grow from $4M to $160M and went from a basement startup to a publicly traded NASDAQ company.

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