July Release Notes

July Release Notes

Written by

Catalant Staff

Published on

July 24, 2020

June and July saw the release of new and updated features designed to help you understand how work links to strategy, stay on top of project and initiative status updates, and create your workstreams in the platform more easily.

New Features

Understand Strategy with the Why Slide-Out

Leaders need visibility to figure out where they are, where they need to go, and who in their  organization can help them get there. Not only do executives need to have visibility into ongoing work to enable better strategy execution, but employees also need visibility up into the strategy to understand why their work is important. 

We’ve created the Why Slide-Out to provide visibility into strategy from both the top-down and bottom-up, which is enabled on projects in the platform that are linked to an initiative. Now when you dive into a project’s details on the project slide out, you’re able to quickly and easily view how that project ladders up through the company’s strategy. Selecting “Why?” above the project title opens a secondary slide-out that will detail the project’s relationship to the overall strategy.


Employee Work Summary

We’ve updated our employee profiles to provide even more visibility into the work people have done and the results that work has driven, adding a work summary that contains all of the projects that someone has worked on or is working on. It’s possible to click directly into each project and view details about the work and that person’s role, including the skills they needed to accomplish the goals of the project.


Initiative Activity Feed

We’ve created a summarized activity log on the initiative feed, allowing you to view recent updates and changes with your work. Whenever another colleague adds a comment in context with any update, you’ll see it here as well.


New Updates Added to My Alerts

It’s now easier to quickly find updates on projects and initiatives you’re following. We’ve added new dashboard notifications of changes to goals, health, and milestones in addition to our existing notifications around messages, pitches, and project updates.


Add Context to Timeline Changes

Sometimes it’s necessary to adjust initiative or project timelines to reflect roadblocks or changes in scope. We’ve learned that adding context to key actions is crucial to understand how work is going. When you shift dates on the timeline, you’ll now be able to provide the reasons behind the changes—all from the same Work Planning view that you use to manage everything else.


Initiative Cloning

If you frequently work on initiatives with the same underlying projects, goals, and roles, you can now clone an initiative. This will quickly create copies of an initiative and the work within it.


Create Projects and Initiatives Directly from Pipeline and Timeline View

We know ePMOs are managing many initiatives and hundreds of projects, so being able to easily add work in bulk is key. We’ve built inline “quick-create” options on the Pipeline and Timeline pages that will allow you to create projects and initiatives by entering just a title.


Redesigned Initiative Card

We’ve updated the design of initiative cards to make it easier for you to quickly find the most valuable information about an initiative. Now on the card you can see goals and goal progress, along with the initiative lead and additional people working on the initiative.


Redesigned Initiative Creation Form

We’ve rethought the design of the initiative creation form to make it more intuitive and more similar to the project creation form. It’s now easier for you to quickly create initiatives, set goals, and link projects from anywhere in the platform.


Platform Enhancements

Create Milestones Before Adding Resources

We know that project leaders typically think of milestones early in the scoping stage, before engaging people to work on the project. Now you can add milestones to the project workspace before adding anyone to the project.

Custom Fields & Searchability

Every company works differently, so we’ve added the ability to add custom fields to forms and profiles that are specific to your use case. You can also make custom fields searchable to filter search results based on the attributes that are important to you. With custom fields, you can easily integrate the Catalant Platform into the way you work.

Pipeline View: Bucket Sub-Initiatives

For complex workstreams with multiple sub-initiatives, we’ve made it easier to differentiate between parent and sub-initiatives in Pipeline View.

Email Notifications for Health & Goal Updates

If you’re an initiative owner or collaborator, now you’ll receive an email whenever initiative health or goals are updated, along with comments about the reasons for the change.

Resource Reporting Updates

We’ve improved resource reporting so it’s easier for you to filter reports by metrics like initiatives, projects, manager, role. We’ve added the ability to save a view as default so you’ll see your custom filtered report each time you log in.

Expert Marketplace: Integrated Compliance Services

We’ve made it easier to engage external experts in the Catalant Expert Marketplace with additional support for compliance. For Enterprise and Premium accounts, we’ve integrated Worker Classification and Background Check logic into the platform. Simply accepting a proposal will automatically kick-off the compliance services.

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