Making Social Media Work For You This Holiday Season

Marissa Fayer
December 3, 2015
While social media can profess to be one of the best inventions of this century, it has mainly been turned into a voyeuristic and narcissistic tool for our own pleasure. This also includes social media for business…. A way to promote all of the wonderful accomplishments in our business, and also a tool to investigate and potentially harm our competitors. Holiday Social Media

Holiday Social Media  = Promote Social Responsibility

Instead of using social media this holiday season as way to celebrate our holiday parties, decorations, or to push our products or services, how about using it to promote social responsibility and the good we either perform individually or as a business. Living in a land of excess, oftentimes causes business and individuals to forget there are others much less fortunate than ourselves. And this isn’t limited to oversees, this also includes our own employees or the communities in which we live and work in. We all know that giving back and living a socially responsible life actually returns more financial dividends. So it’s a mystery why so many of us and so many businesses forgot to utilize it to our advantage.

Holiday Social Media Ideas

A few ideas that social media could be positively used for this season include:
  • Create a giving campaign within your business and instead of exchanging gifts, donate food or presents to a local charity…. And celebrate that on social media.
  • Blog or feature your favorite individual or business non-profit of choice to create awareness for them, which then creates feeling of wellbeing for your own company and spreads their message.
  • Instead of a holiday party, organize groups of your employees to volunteer to build a house or a library, hand out warm blankets to the homeless, or spend time in a food bank…. And post about that on social media.
  • Highlight the charitable work of your employees on your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter feeds.
  • Tweet, blog, and post about industry specific causes that affect your business to create awareness instead of waiting for a designated month to remember them.
  • Create promotions or giveaway’s for your charity of choice, that does not require a minimum purchase of your own products

#GivingBackDecember or #HolidaySeasonGiving

In this age of information overload and oversharing, why not use social media for the good you believe in and support. Make the holidays into a month of giving instead of a month of excess. #GivingTuesday is only 1 day, which has just been preceded by days of excess on #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday. How about #GivingBackDecember or #HolidaySeasonGiving? The holidays are meant to be celebrated and is a time for friends and family, but your social media posts are the visible external facing expression of who you and your business represents and the legacy you want to leave.

About the Author

Marissa Fayer

Marissa has spent the last 15 years growing Medical Device Manufacturing companies into worldclass organizations and has been able to do that because of her distinct blend of Engineering, Operations, Quality, Product Development, and Strategic skills.

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