Catalant Expert Marketplace Rosters: Creating a Flexible Bench of External Talent

Catalant Expert Marketplace Rosters: Creating a Flexible Bench of External Talent

August 3, 2020
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Robert Worley

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August 3, 2020

Business leaders are running leaner than ever to adapt to the pandemic’s effects on the market as the recovery forces them to pivot their strategies. Even as organizations seek to keep costs down by reducing fixed labor costs associated with full-time employees, critical strategic work must continue, and faster than ever:

We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.

— Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella1 

It’s imperative for organizations to meet this acceleration with a flexible workforce that can navigate shifting priorities. By augmenting their existing talent with rosters of external experts, business leaders can rise to the challenge and get the right people for their critical work.

1McKinsey & Company,”The great acceleration,” July 14, 2020. <>. Accessed August 3, 2020. 

Breaking it Down

Resourcing Challenges in Leaner Times 

As these leaders face increased pressure to operate with fewer resources, many are determining that internal talent pools and hiring aren’t well-suited for flexibly meeting the demands of recovering from the pandemic while reinventing their businesses. Leaner operations can keep initiative owners from being able to find the talent they need for their projects inside the organization as people are stretched thinly. And as companies react to unexpected, volatile workflows, it can be difficult to quickly scale resources up and down without creating negative effects on other critical pieces of work.

In the face of resource headwinds, companies are also having to do things they’ve never done before in order to adapt, which often requires skills and expertise that didn’t exist inside the organization before the disruption. This can be especially common in technology workstreams like digital transformations. To combat this, leaders often turn to traditional sources of strategic external resourcing support, like consulting firms — but these can be difficult to pursue in a lean environment. Their ways of working, like camping out in clients’ offices, also aren’t conducive with an increasingly digital workplace.


Flexibility in the Expert Marketplace

Catalant’s Expert Marketplace has been designed to enable a flexible workforce by providing enterprise leaders an efficient, scalable way to access the capabilities and expertise they need to execute their most important work. With more than 65,000 independent experts and 1,000 firms to choose from, it’s possible to find the right expertise to fill capability and capacity gaps for your most strategic work.

We’ve created Expert Rosters in our platform to help initiative owners more easily scale external support up and down as their needs change. With Rosters, you can save any expert in the platform to a list that you and others in your organization can use to find the right expertise at any point in the cycle of work. As you move through the expert engagement process, you may interview multiple experts — ultimately choosing the right one for your project. Rosters are a great way to keep additional experts who are a good fit on your bench, ready for you to put in play if your needs change.

Additionally, if you have particular types of work that often require external talent, you can create a Roster specific to that workstream so that colleagues can see experts you’ve worked with before or who may be a good fit for your organization. Or if there’s a certain area of expertise that your organization lacks, you can use Rosters to create an ‘external Center of Excellence’ of outside talent you can tap into when the need arises.

Expert Rosters in Action

Let’s say we’re working on a digital transformation of our enterprise, which has been accelerated in the wake of the pandemic disruption. We’re moving from business unit to business unit, which have made varying amounts of progress in previous transformations, but we’ll need to push those efforts across the finish line. 

In an early transformation, our PMO engaged experts in transformation, supply chain, finance, and operations to define and implement projects to see the initiative through. We’d like to create an easy way for our business units to identify these experts and access them for their own transformations. 

We can quickly search for our experts, select them, and add them to a new roster. 


I’ll also add a description to the roster, and set it to be visible to everyone in my company. If I want to share it with only a few colleagues, I can add them to it directly in the edit menu for the roster.


Accelerate Execution with a Flexible Workforce

As businesses continue to navigate uncharted waters, leaders will be looking to use technology to strengthen their digital workplace capabilities and to build organizational resilience through flexibility and adaptability. Catalant’s Expert Marketplace enables leaders to accelerate execution by providing flexible access to elite expertise on demand to get their most important work done.

Catalant’s Expert Marketplace has the talent and technology to help you get from strategy to execution faster.

Through years of developing Catalant’s Expert Marketplace and SaaS platform with our enterprise customers, we’ve learned that uniting the right capabilities with the right technology is indispensable for scaling with large companies and evolving with their changing needs.

Our Expert Marketplace is an efficient, scalable way to find the right resource at the right time for your company’s most important work, giving you direct access to the knowledge and skills you need to execute your strategies.

Cost Comparisons

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Traditional employment models aren’t well suited for flexibly meeting the demands of a world in flux. Widespread uncertainty and volatile markets are compelling leaders to reduce and variabilize fixed labor costs.

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Traditional consulting firms aren’t right-sized for the work many companies need right now, and can no longer camp out in clients’ offices due to public health concerns and an increasingly digital workplace.