Looking to Attract Millennials this Holiday Season? It’s all in the L.A.T.T.E.

Pat Griffin
November 22, 2016
Millennials account for nearly a quarter of the American population, with collective annual pockets as deep as $200 billion. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is important for retailers to think about meeting the needs of this critically important group. 
Catalant conducted research that identified a set of product attributes that overwhelmingly resonate with Millennials. This set of features and values, collectively known as L.A.T.T.E. -  local, authentic, transparent, traceable and ethical – if leveraged appropriately, can provide significant opportunity to brands and retailers this holiday season.
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About the Author

Pat Griffin
Pat is the general manager of the Retail and Consumer practice at Catalant Technologies, where he frequently advises leading companies on innovation initiatives. Prior to Catalant, Pat was a management consultant at Bain & Company, where he served leading retail, consumer goods, and private equity clients. Pat received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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