Listen now! The Nerd Spotlight Series: Meet Dave H.

June 1, 2016

We are incredibly excited to launch the Nerd Spotlight Series podcast. The series will feature some of HourlyNerd's top performing consultants giving our listeners the chance to get to know HourlyNerd's greatest asset, the Nerds! Hear them discuss why they decided to join the platform, what skills they possess, and which projects they're most excited about.

In episode 1.,HourlyNerd Supply Manager, Hannah Sacchini, speaks with Dave H. on his transition from a McKinsey consultant to an independent consultant and why he decided to create his own consulting firm.  

Three Facts about Dave:

  1. He is CEO of Anthros Consulting
  2. He has a PhD. in Materials Science and Engineering
  3. He won his first project 6 days after signing up for HourlyNerd

To learn more about Dave or to contact him about a project, please CLICK HERE

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