New Podcast: How to Keep up with Mobile & the Internet of Things

September 19, 2016

Afraid your company or business unit might get left behind in today’s rapidly-changing tech environment?

We sit down with mobile and internet of things (IoT) expert Dave Whetstone to hear what top industrial companies are doing to keep pace with startups and other tech-enabled threats.

Dave shares what companies can learn from consumer apps like OpenTable, Starbucks, and Sonos and the three stages to turn your business into a mobile-enabled one that is poised for success in the coming years.

Dave has a 20-year history in the mobile space and has the pulse of what’s next when it comes to a world of connected devices, emphasizing industrial companies and sharing his thoughts on those leading the way.

About Dave Whetstone:

  • Managing Director, Brand Mobility
  • Previous roles:
    • CMO, MobiTV
    • CMO, Virgin Mobile
    • Consultant at Bain & Company
  • MBA, University of Michigan
  • BS, Accounting & Economics, University of Illinois

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Episode Highlights:

3:00 - How mobile has evolved into industrial settings, why “connected experiences” matter, and why every company needs to be a tech company

5:05 - Typical ways industrial managers get “sucked in” to coming up with a mobile or IoT strategy

6:45 - How industrial managers can think about kicking off a mobile strategy

8:00 - Dave’s typical project approach

9:30 - What industrial companies can learn from consumer mobile apps like Open Table and Starbucks

17:00 - How traditional consulting firms might approach mobile and IoT in industrial settings

19:10 - What a client can expect in a typical project in terms of the process, cost, and outcome

21:05 - Things that can go wrong when incorporating a mobile or IoT strategy

22:30 - General advice to companies and individuals on how to get up to speed and the payoffs of doing so

24:00 - Industrial companies leading the way in mobile, IoT, and connected experiences

25:15 - Advice to individuals on coming up with ideas for mobile applications

26:05 - Dave’s favorite app (Sonos) and what industrial companies can learn from it

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