[Podcast] What Does Wayfair’s Head of Talent Have to Say About Operating With Agility?

Catalant Staff

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Wayfair’s Head of Talent, Kate Gulliver, to chat about the increasing pressure to innovate and the critical importance of speed in today’s rapidly evolving world of work.

In this interview, Kate explains how the best way to get mission critical work done faster is to rethink the role of talent, collaborate cross-functionally, and be willing to take risks.

Tune in to hear more on this week’s episode of Radically Agile.


If we are not constantly staying ahead of the curve and constantly innovating…we can easily lose [our customers].”


Kate Gulliver
Head of Talent

There is exceptional pressure on companies to move faster…to move into a new market, figure out a competitive strategy, or bring new products to market.”


Rich Gardner

About the Guest

Kate Gulliver oversees the Talent team at Wayfair where she is responsible for global human capital management including recruiting, organizational design, talent management, talent analytics, compensation and learning and development.

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