Product Release: AI-Based Suggestions, Intuitive User Experience & Data Security

Pat Petitti

At Catalant, we’re passionate about helping our customers intelligently get the right people on the right work. And we relentlessly continue to innovate—informed by our customers’ feedback, our ongoing work with nearly 30 percent of the Fortune 1000, and our point-of-view on the urgency of transitioning organizations to an agile workforce.

I’m proud to say that, this past weekend, we released a number of new ways to deliver value to our customers through our technology. Here are a few highlights:

AI-Based Suggestions

We use millions of anonymized data points from the world’s largest companies to map connections between skills, industries, companies, people, and—of course—work. These data feed our AI-powered matching and recommendation engine, which our platform and programs use to help organizations build an agile workforce at scale.

Now, our users can see and interact with some of the magic under the hood. Whenever you create a project in our Expert Marketplace, you’ll immediately see AI-Based Suggestions on skills, expertise, and industries to add to your project description. Every time you add another skill or industry to your project, the suggestions become more refined.

The result? The experts and firms you see as recommendations from our platform are much more likely to be a good match for your project. Similarly, if you’re an expert or firm who uses our Expert Marketplace to connect with opportunities, you’ll soon see AI-based suggestions to help you complete your profile and get matched to more relevant opportunities. In the meantime, be sure to completely fill out your profile!

In the days ahead, we’ll continue to release exciting new ways to leverage our data and technology to get the right people on the right work. Stay tuned!

Catalant | AI-Based Suggestions

Intuitive User Experience

We believe that good product design speaks volumes – and that functionality should do most of the talking. That’s why our project workflows in our Expert Marketplace now place you right where you need to be, based on the status of your projects. So whenever you click into a project, it’s immediately clear what you should do next—whether you’re creating or editing a project description, evaluating experts and firms through competitive bidding, managing milestones in your project, rating an expert or firm on completed work, or perusing deliverables created during past projects.

The next time you log in, you’ll see in-app guidance that orients you to aspects of the revamped user interface that may interest you. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Catalant | Expert Marketplace | Workspace

Unwavering Commitment to Data Security

Some of the world’s leading companies entrust us with sensitive data across mission critical work that can span across thousands of employees, independent experts and firms, alumni and retirees, and approved firms and consultants. That’s why our security model reflects our unwavering commitment to protecting our users’ data at scale.

Beyond employing a least privilege access model and TLS encryption of our customers’ data in transit over public networks and at rest, we’re also working with best-in-class, third-party penetration testers who are trusted by leading tech companies like Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft. And, given our ever-growing number of customers in the European Union, we will be fully GDPR compliant before May 25, when the laws take full effect.

It doesn’t stop there! Every day our product team pushes new code. Our tireless iteration, rapid feedback loops, and ongoing measurement continue to shape how we deliver on the promise of reimagining how work gets done. 

    – Pat PetittiCo-Founder & Co-CEO

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