Catalant’s Upcoming Re:Work, Reimagining Work Summit Fall 2018

Catalant Staff

When traditional methods of running a company no longer work, innovation is key.

Business leaders are tasked with adapting to the market-level forces that shape the future of work. In our modern workforce generation, access to talent, whether through managing an on-demand workforce or utilizing the lesser known skillsets of your internal team is the solution to under-engaged employees, low retention rates, backlogs in workstreams, and overall skills gaps and competition for top talent.

Executives across best-in-class multinational organizations are transforming the ways their teams get work done by embracing business agility, breaking through organizational silos and optimizing their companies’ organizational structures — and they are sharing their strategies for success at this season’s Reimagining Work Summit powered by Catalant.

Re:Work Business Agility and Beyond

Designed to empower today’s most progressive businesses to reconsider how they get the most mission-critical work done, the upcoming Reimagining Work Summit: Business Agility and Beyond is set to take place on October 9–10. The event will bring together a curated community of forward-thinking thought leaders, including Fortune 500 executives, policy makers, academics, and others to discuss how to drive workplace transformation and create a company-wide culture of innovation.

The business agility-themed two-day event features keynote speaker Sue Siegel, CIO and CEO of Business Innovations at GE. Sue draws on extensive experience leading investments, accelerating growth, and launching new companies. Participants will take a deep dive into the high-level trends that are driving company changes. Attendees will walk away with real-world examples of how to implement agile workforce efforts that solve for skills gaps, improve the most demanding business outcomes, and better prepare for the future of work.

Re:Work Boston is an intentionally intimate event, however, the companies collectively represent roughly $1.6 trillion in annual revenue. This event is fully subscribed, however, we will hold similar conferences in other cities throughout 2019. If you’re interested in attending a future event, let us know!

Best-in-class companies have already found ways to win in a volatile business environment. Don’t get left behind! Check out Catalant’s informative research report Reimagining Work 20/20 to learn more.