Robotics Roadmap

December 20, 2016

Case Study

Building a Roadmap for Advanced Robotics

A global diversified industrial company sought differentiated domain expertise to build out its advanced robotics strategy.



The Challenge

A global diversified industrial company wanted to understand the commercial potential of various B2B and B2C categories in the rapidly evolving advanced robotics space. The company sought support quantifying the market opportunity and providing strategic recommendations for new products or services the company could introduce to move into this space.  


The Expert

Within a matter of days, the project received several compelling bids from highly qualified experts. The project lead ultimately selected John, a Wharton MBA who also boasted a PhD in Electrical Engineering and a dissertation in robotics. John is currently an adjunct professor of innovation and strategy at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.
“John’s profile was simply too strong to pass up. His deep domain expertise combined with meaningful business experience was exactly what we were looking for.”  


The Project

After signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, John and the project lead participated in a kick-off phone call to formulate a project plan. John developed a methodology for analysis and assessed the market size for three robotics solutions. With his hybrid business and technology background, John was also able to provide a strategic perspective on how to approach the identified market opportunity.  


The Results

The final work product was ultimately delivered to the organization’s Chief Marketing Officer and the Head of Technology for Global Research, and informed the development of the commercialization roadmap for advanced robotics.
“John’s thinking was the core component of our proposal, since he was really the subject matter expert…It was hugely helpful to get John’s business perspective in addition to the analysis. It caused us to challenge some of our assumptions and he surfaced some great new ideas.”

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