The Future of HR in the On-Demand Economy

April 11, 2016

The percentage of the workforce that is engaged in some form of freelance work is growing, and many estimate more than one-third of American workers engage in some form of on-demand, freelance work.

Looking ahead to the coming years, the rise of the on-demand economy has caused a whirlwind of changes in the HR profession, and those changes are predicted to continue. This webinar recording will take a look into the future and reveal how Human Resources should prepare for the on-demand economy.

Interested in learning more about the on-demand economy? We wrote a white paper on How Enterprises Can Run Like a Lean Startup. In this 4 part case study, we interview GE, Intuit, Amgen and BASF to learn how these massive businesses are implementing lean mentalities into their organization to remain fast, smart, and ahead of the innovation curve. To download this white paper, follow the link.

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