The Starting Line Up For Your Contingent Workforce [Interactive Experiences]

Jeff Puklin
February 10, 2017

Here at Catalant, we are committed to helping enterprise companies find and engage talent. We passionately believe that digital disruption is causing companies to think about talent in new and revolutionary ways.

“At the same time, today’s best talent is prioritizing flexibility, autonomy and choice over a more traditional path.”

According to a recent Catalant Survey, 75% of enterprise respondents believe they need to evolve their approach to work and people management. 

To help enterprise companies become more familiar with our global talent community, we’ve created a multimedia experience that combines photos, videos and quotes from some of our top experts, allowing you to dig deeper into our database and put faces to the names.  

Happy browsing! 

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Jeff Puklin leads Catalant's content marketing strategies. Jeff has worked with Fortune 500 companies helping to develop content programs that scale storytelling across the enterprise and position brands as thought leaders in their industries. Jeff is a baseball fanatic and a Philadelphia native.

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