[Video] Here’s How to Drive a Culture of Innovation in a Disruptive Market

Angie Malerba

At the recent Reimagining Work Summit, Catalant brought together thought leaders and executives to discuss the critical importance of driving innovation in today’s disruptive landscape.

In this exclusive interview, Rob Biederman, Catalant’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, sat down with Scott Kirsner, Editor and Co-Founder of Innovation Leader, who also curates the Innovation Economy column for The Boston Globe and contributes to Wired, Fast Economy, and more.

Rob and Scott discuss the reasons innovation has become so critical in today’s rapidly evolving market, and how companies can find new, innovative ways to cope with unforeseen disruptive threats.

“See the problem and try to elevate its solution.”

Watch the video to hear more about corporations and cultures of innovation:


We want to have a culture that’s open to a lot of ideas, whether they’re from our own employees or from outside the company.”


Scott Kirsner

Editor and Co-Founder

Innovation Leader

If you’re coping with new, unforeseen disruptive threats…you start to select people who might otherwise work at consulting firms, because consulting, among other skill sets, teaches you how to deal with unforeseen circumstances, and how to put some structure against ambiguity.”


Rob Biederman

Co-CEO and Co-Founder


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