Here’s Why Talent Access Looks Different Now Than in the Past

Catalant Staff

The pace of change in today’s disruptive market has lead to dramatic changes in how companies think about their most important asset: talent.

At the recent Reimagining Work Summit, Catalant brought together an exclusive group of top executives and thought leaders to discuss how companies need to access and deploy talent differently now than in the past.

We asked a few of our guest speakers how they knew it was time to rethink the role of talent.

What first convinced you that the future of work and talent access will look very different than it does today?

Watch the video to find out what they had to say:


It’s a combination of talent not being available everywhere and the workforce looking for more flexible work.”


Fabio Kapitanovas
VP of People and Management

The pace of change started to move very rapidly. The future of work is actually now.”


Raquel Suarez
Global HR, Innovation & Leadership Development Director

It’s the realization that fundamentally lifestyles are changing. The pace of change and the pace of possibilities has increased.”


Antonis Christidis
Partner and Workforce of the Future Co-Leader

We recognized that we didn’t have the skills within the organization that we needed to pursue the opportunities.”

Caroline Missen | Shell | Catalant

Caroline Missen
Business Advisor to Downstream Director

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