Here’s Why Thinking Drives Design

Catalant Staff

In this exclusive presentation from the recent Reimagining Work Summit, Stu Kliman, Founder & Partner of Vantage Partners, offers advice on how to start making organizational changes to adapt to today’s disruptive business environment.

Stu explains why business leaders must move away from traditional beliefs about acquiring and retaining talent and, instead, make room for new thinking and mindsets about accessing people with the right skills and expertise who can rapidly execute mission critical work.

It’s the thinking that drives behaviors. Thinking drives design.

Watch the video to learn more:


The future of work is the opportunity that lies at the center of a variety of interconnected trends. The well-aligned organization is able to clearly articulate critical beliefs, and ensures those beliefs are then embedded and operationalized through every aspect of the business.”

Stu Kliman

Stu Kliman

Founder & Partner

Vantage Partners

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