On Digital Transformation, Organizational Velocity, and Talent With Shell & HBS

Catalant Staff

At the recent Reimagining Work Summit, Catalant brought together an exclusive group of thought leaders to discuss innovation, disruption, and the ever-evolving world of work.

In this exclusive presentation, Joe Fuller, Professor of Management Practice and Co-Director of Managing the Future of Work Initiative at Harvard Business School speaks about the macroeconomic forces driving CEO decision-making. He discusses the critical importance of accessing the right talent to improve efficiency and speed and remain competitive in today’s business landscape.

“You can’t be competitive without the right talent.”

Joe then leads a thoughtful discussion about Shell’s agility journey with the company’s business advisor, Caroline Missen. Caroline talks about Shell’s partnership with Catalant, and her innovative pilot program, which leverages digital transformation to address talent needs.

Watch the video to learn exactly how digital transformation can help companies access the right talent at the right time:


Companies will be facing a situation where the skills they need are going to be harder and harder to get.”


Joe Fuller

Professor of Management Practice & Co-Director of
Managing the Future of Work Initiative

Harvard Business School

We had partners in Catalant who were willing to work alongside us. This was not a normal vendor-supplier relationship. It was literally co-creating and adjusting and iteratively doing it as we went…that made a really big difference.” 

Caroline Missen | Shell | Catalant

Caroline Missen
Business Advisor to Downstream

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