The Rise of the Entrepreneur of One

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At the recent Reimagining Work Summit, Catalant brought together a group of executives and thought leaders to discuss how businesses can operate with agility and innovate faster.

In this exclusive presentation, Andrea Black, Catalant’s VP of Network Strategy, asks the panel some thoughtful questions about the shift in workforce planning, labor demographics, and what it means to be an employee. Kristin Sharp, who runs the Work, Workers, and Technology program at New America, explains how to categorize various kinds of emerging work.

“Many of the new emerging jobs that we’re seeing require somebody to be more creative and self-motivated.”

Peter Mahoney, Founder & CEO of Plannuh, and Carlos Castelan, Managing Director at The Navio Group, describe some of the innovative projects they’re working on as independent experts. Mahoney points out that the gig economy is part of the way work happens these days and companies need to figure out how to leverage it to stay relevant and competitive in today’s disruptive market.

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People spend less time at jobs now…there’s more continual movement amongst jobs. In some ways, that’s a reflection of the gig economy.”


Carlos Castelan

Managing Director

The Navio Group

[The gig economy] is about freedom and flexibility and being able to find a way to package up your unique skill and offer it to the marketplace.”


Peter Mahoney

Founder and CEO

Plannuh, Inc.

We see more and more people doing hybrid kinds of work…having a full-time job for a few years and using their skills and experiences to launch them into an independent venture or some other use of the skill.”


Kristin Sharp

Executive Director of the SHIFT Commission

New America

Companies are thinking about organizing work differently.”


Andrea Black

VP of Network Strategy


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