Week-in-Review: A Recently Released Report, Two Interviews to Read and an Upcoming CHRO Event to Attend

Catalant Staff

Welcome to our Week-in-Review series, Catalant’s roundup of all things on-demand knowledge economy, from breaking news to newly minted reports to upcoming events in the industry.

What People Are Asking This Week: Is there any new data about the future of work? How do businesses merge talent, technology and work? Where can I find an expert with specialized skills? How do you match independent professionals with enterprises? What events for CHROs are coming up?

Read on for the latest in the gig economy for business this week.

Fresh Report: The Convergence of Talent, Technology and the Future of Work

This week, Cision PR Newswire announced the release of a new Ardent Partners report, The State of the Contingent Workforce Management. The report discusses critical market trends, benchmark statistics and driving technologies behind the new world of work. The report aims to answer the question: How will work get done in the future?

Ardent offers a future-of-work framework to help guide leaders as they transform their businesses, asserting that contingent workforce management is the link to the merging of technology and work. The report stresses the gravity of becoming an agile organization and provides the formula for a best-in-class contingent workforce management program. The report concludes that organizations that leverage online expert platforms as a part of their talent acquisition and management strategies will be primed for success.

Download the full report here: The Convergence of Talent, Technology, and the Future of Work.

A Robust and Still-Growing Gig Economy

Huffington Post recently caught up with co-founders of Catalant, Pat Pettiti and Rob Biederman, for an interview. Pettiti and Biederman tell the story of how they began pairing business needs with independent professionals, starting as HourlyNerd, a Harvard Business School project. As Pettiti explains, “When a large enterprise that has a problem accessing talent starts to use our platform, we have seen what it means to make a difference in one of the biggest companies in the world.”

But the goal of Catalant’s business is two-fold. While they’re helping businesses find solutions to their challenges, they’re also making it possible for people to access work in the most flexible manner — a fundamental desire of this generation of the workforce. The proof is in the pudding for Tanya Cashorali, an independent data professional who uses the Catalant platform to access multiple clients. “I’ve found Catalant to be the Cadillac side of things, where you’re getting high-quality work,” says Cashorali.

In addition to paying off her student loans expeditiously, the on-demand knowledge economy has enabled Cashorali to launch her own data consultancy and design high-level college courses to mentor and teach people around the world. Project-based work has given her the opportunity to diversify her portfolio and experiences. As she explains, “You will learn a lot more in, say, a two-month engagement, and may start to see patterns and improve your own processes and life in the future.”

What excites the founders of Catalant most about their work? “We can transform the work world in ways that distribute economic opportunity across a broader range of people,” says Biederman.

Read the full interviews here: Why the Future of Work Means More Flexibility and The Millennial Side Hustle.

Los Angeles CHRO Leadership Summit

Built by CHROs, for CHROs and hosted by HARRT (the human resources round table) at UCLA, the Los Angeles CHRO Leadership Summit is coming up next week on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at the L.A. Hotel Downtown.

Designed with the goal of collaboration and peer-based sharing for HR executives, the networking conference will include key sessions about sourcing talent in the future of the workplace. The agenda is packed with a breadth of insightful speakers; perhaps, most notable, is award-winning author and thought leader Jeanne Meister. Meister’s human resources advisory and research firm, Future Workplace, provides organizations with insights about the future of learning and working. Meister’s keynote will take place early morning and will outline key solutions that address CHRO challenges for creating an engaging workplace environment of the future.

Other featured speakers include Bernard Bedon, VP HR at Amgen Inc., Jim Hazboun, CHRO at Hyundai Capital America, Elise Buik, President & CEO United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Virginia Tanawong, SVP HR at Universal Studios, Inc. and Chris Mason, Ph.D. Head of Talent Management, Workforce Analytics, and Compensation Patagonia, Inc.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, this is an event not to be missed. RSVP here.

As workforce technology and innovation in human capital sourcing continue to reshape the business landscape, companies that respond with an agile mindset will find the most success.

When it comes to human capital innovation, contingent workforce solutions, on-demand knowledge economy research, trends and updates, we’ve got you covered. Check back next week for another edition of Catalant’s Week-in-Review.