Here’s Why Building an Agile Future Is Imperative for Today’s Businesses

Catalant Staff

Today’s competitive business landscape isn’t going to wait for leaders who are not committed to building an agile future for their organizations.

Catalant’s Fall 2018 Reimagining Work Summit brought together a group of top execs and thought leaders to discuss the dramatic changes in today’s business landscape. Attendees discusses the impact of new business realities and how companies need to access and deploy talent differently to remain innovative and competitive.

We asked a few of our guest speakers what they believe was the most important takeaway for attendees.

Based on what you’ve heard today, what is the most important takeaway for RWS attendees?

Watch the video to find out what they had to say:


The workforce is going to change. We need to start learning and adapting ourselves for what’s to come.”


Fabio Kapitanovas
VP of People and Management

If you move your mindset from owning to accessing, you can dynamically access skills when and how you need it.”


Raquel Suarez
Global HR, Innovation & Leadership Development Director

Have an open mind. Question everything. The key question is ‘what are the possibilities?”


Antonis Christidis
Partner and Workforce of the Future Co-Leader

I want to experiment more, see what we can learn from other organizations, and push harder to accelerate the journey we are on.”

Caroline Missen | Shell | Catalant

Caroline Missen
Business Advisor to Downstream Director

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