Introducing, a forum for forward-thinking leaders

Allison Mandel

We hope you love reading the Catalant Blog as much as we love writing it!

That said, we recognize that one-directional conversations can only go so far. To foster innovative, forward-thinking debate around the future of work with insightful content and comments from industry leaders, we’ve created a new forum called

The site will host highly-curated, best-in-class content around the agile workforce from sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Spend Matters, McKinsey & Co., Harvard Business Review, and Catalant Technologies. Each article or podcast has a comments section in which we encourage you to discuss, posit, ruminate and speculate.

Rich Gardner, SVP of Marketing and Partnerships at Catalant Technologies, said about the launch of the site:

Based on what we hear from executives and on our own observations, there is a tremendous need and opportunity to fill the gap between people’s awareness that the nature of work is changing and their understanding of what they are supposed to do in response. We created so that executives, talent, and others at the frontlines of the Future of Work can learn from each other in a highly-curated, peer-to-peer environment.

Ultimately, we are thrilled to move into the ‘future of work’ together. Join the conversation at

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