Agile Transformation of a Multinational Brewing Company

Case Study

Agile Transformation of a Multinational Brewing Company

New Talent Models for Dynamic Resource Deployment

Written by

Pat Petitti

Published on

April 1, 2020

Industry Context: Over the last decade, consumer preferences have shifted dramatically in the beverage market. The light beer category has been in slow decline, and demand has risen for craft beers, canned wines, hard seltzers, and even spiked kombuchas. Many large companies with well-established brands have struggled to compete during this period of generational and technological change, as smaller, nimbler companies adeptly use customer and market data to release new, innovative products to the market quickly.

Challenge: In order to evolve with rapidly changing consumer preferences, the global brewing company found that it needed to digitally transform its operations to increase agility and innovate faster.

Dynamic deployment of Internal Resources: The company used Catalant’s platform to increase the impact of employees with scarce, high demand capabilities in the areas of supply chain, operations, and business process improvement, forming a Center of Excellence (COE) to drive continuous improvement.

Through the Center of Excellence, business leaders can engage employees with capabilities in high demand, increasing their access to the knowledge and skills they need to drive continuous improvement initiatives forward and allowing for greater cross-pollination and best-practice sharing.

The COE is a global network of approximately 2,500 employees trained in various levels of Lean Six Sigma methodology. Taking on initiatives through the Catalant platform gives COE members experience working on some of the company’s most strategic and highest visibility work. It also allows them to continue their training, upskilling, and leadership development, as performance on work through the COE can allow them to advance to the next level in Lean Six Sigma.

Flexible access to External Talent: As the organization adapts its strategy to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and pursues new innovation workstreams, it often requires access to knowledge and skills that aren’t available in its workforce.

In many cases, the company is pursuing market opportunities that require speed in accessing these critical capabilities, so business leaders flexibly access right-sized expertise through Catalant’s expert marketplace of more than 70,000 elite independent consultants and firms.

This flexibility allows business leaders to advance innovation workstreams quickly. It also allows them to keep fixed labor costs down by variabilizing costs on capabilities that are critical temporarily but not core to the organization’s long-term operations.

Agile Transformation: With streamlined access to high-demand internal and external resources, business leaders can act with much greater agility to advance their strategic initiatives. This increased business agility has helped leadership to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Fast access to experts for continuous improvement and innovation workstreams has catalyzed the organization’s embrace of new technologies, enhancement of digital capabilities, expansion into new markets, and creation of new products to evolve with shifting consumer preferences.

Moving with the speed and alacrity of smaller, digitally-savvy startups while wielding the strategic advantages of size and resource access has positioned this global beverage and brewing company to maintain its dominant position in the market in the years to come. Cheers to innovation!

About Catalant: Catalant builds software that gives companies visibility into how their work and workforce align with strategy, helps accelerate work execution through dynamic resource access, and tracks progress against key metrics to inform decision making. More than 30% of the Fortune 100—and hundreds of other leading companies—partner with Catalant to enable effective strategy execution with greater operational clarity, increased employee productivity, and dynamic access to external resources with the right capabilities.

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