5 Steps to Leveraging Flexible Talent: A Prescription for Business Agility

An HR leader sits in her office in the early evening examining her manufacturing organization’s strategic priorities, struggling to match available talent with strategic goals. Her company needs [...]

Is Big Consulting on the Brink of Extinction?

In the cult-classic 1999 film comedy about workplace drudgery “Office Space,” a software company called Initech needs to cut costs and reduce its headcount.

5 Characteristics of an On-Demand Project Manager and How to Find One

Beyond a doubt, one of the keys to success for any project is having an efficient project manager, who knows how to lead a team across the finish line.

Helping A Product Development Team Test New Opportunities

Catalant’s on-demand experts explored lucrative opportunities for DFC, so their team could focus on their 10 million customers worldwide.

Systematic Workforce Flexibility: Building Your Business for the Modern Age

The needs of large organizations started to shift years ago. In the past, stability and experience at a business reigned supreme. Now, workforce flexibility and agility do. Well-established [...]

5 Important Steps for Engaging Your On-Demand Workforce

The US workforce is changing, and one of the most rapidly growing aspects of our economy is the on-demand workforce. By 2020, it’s estimated that one in five employees will be hired on a [...]

Workforce Workforce Flexibility Then vs. Now: How the Words Have Changed and So Have We

As enterprise-level brands have worked more and more creatively to attract and retain the brightest talent out there, flexibility has taken center stage.

Why Flexibility Should Be Part of Any Innovative Workplace Culture

While modern companies have gladly embraced elements of an innovative workplace culture such as digital transformation, experimentation and collaboration, other innovations have been slower to [...]

How To Navigate the Challenges of Finding, Onboarding and Managing a Contingent Workforce

As technological tools continue to develop and become more available, accessibility to top-tier independent talent will steadily increase. As in so many business areas, platforms such as vendor [...]

How Finance Teams Can Accelerate Their Workloads

Achieving the full profit potential for each customer relationship and each business division should be the fundamental goal of every successful business. Essential to reaching this goal is [...]

Why Are Boutique Management Consulting Firms Turning to Independent Experts?

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time in the not-too-distant past when boutique consulting firms had to hire recruiters and go through a time-consuming process to fill annual vacancies [...]

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