It’s a Brave New World: Predictive Analytics and the Future of Talent Acquisition

Does this sound familiar? Your firm is hiring, so your recruiter reaches out to several qualified candidates.

Do You Know About This Gig Economy Rule? Cultivate a Culture of Collaboration

As the Future of Work continues to evolve and talent supply chains become more complex, C-level executives in HR as well as their talent support and supply partners face operating challenges.

5 Characteristics of an On-demand Corporate Strategist (and How to Find One)

A business without a corporate strategy is like a rudderless ship. It may have a destination in mind (i.e., a specified percentage of annual growth), but no means for getting there.

Hiring in the Gig Economy: 5 Reasons You Need a Clear Employer Brand

The war for talent, especially to attract specialized skills in technology, is fierce. The fast-paced landscape of change makes it challenging for organizations to even identify — let alone [...]

Week-in-Review: Blockchain, Voices of the Gig Economy and a List of Must-read Business Books

Welcome to our Week-in-Review series, Catalant's roundup of all things on-demand talent, from events to newly minted reports to breaking news.

How to Work With (Not Against) Machines to Increase Productivity and Engagement

For decades, the media has warned us about robots taking our jobs. But recent developments in robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning have put us on the cusp of a new automation [...]

Did You Know: You Can Use the Contingent Workforce for Those Projects

There was a time not that long ago when contract work was exclusively thought of as the kinds of short-term, highly specialized projects for which you’d hire consultants. If you needed a [...]

Talent Solutions Executive Terri Gallagher On Navigating the “New Normal” of On-Demand Knowledge

Terri Gallagher, founder of Gallagher and Consultants, works with her clients to navigate what she is calling the “new normal” of work, a tech-enabled workplace where talent is not [...]

Transportation and Travel: The Magic Behind Digital Transformation and the Modern-day Customer Experience

Imagine this scenario: You and the family have embarked on a dream vacation. First, you sit down to eat at a stunning restaurant and your food is delivered immediately. Upon finishing your meal, [...]

The Office of the Future and Changing Workforce Expectations

Ask anyone over the age of 35 to describe what a typical corporate office looks like and, up until recently, the answer would have inevitably contained a few common elements: a sea of desks or [...]

Keep Your Technology up to Date: Lessons Learned From the Recent Cyberattacks

The global ransomware cyberattacks recently exposed just how vulnerable organizations are to cyberattacks and just how critical threat awareness, analysis and readiness in systems, processes and [...]

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