Week-in-Review: Increased Productivity in the Workplace and Reimagining Talent Management

Allison Mandel

Welcome to our Week-in-Review series, Catalant’s roundup of all things on-demand economy, from breaking news to newly minted reports to upcoming events in the industry.

What People Are Asking This Week: Should I hire a specialist on a project basis? Will my business’s productivity tank if I allow my employees to work remotely? What does reimagining talent management look like? Are there any upcoming events for HR professionals or Chief Talent Officers?

Read on for the latest in on-demand workforce trends this week.

Evidence Is Growing: Remote Working Increases Productivity

Many companies have already embraced the Future of Work, taking on on-demand experts and reimagining talent management to solve their business challenges. While some business leaders are struggling to uncover the overall ROI of hiring remote or contingent workers, Fast Company published a great piece written by Dan Sines, CEO and Co-founder of Traitify, which tells the story of turning his business into an entirely remote office.

“In order to attract the best talent, we recognized the need to be open to hiring candidates outside our immediate geography. It was a risk considering the culture issues we were already dealing with onsite, but it paid off — and then some,” Sines notes.

Between high levels of self-motivation, responsibility and being team players, the remote workers were able to showcase their abilities and qualifications without delay. In the article, Sines notes that, “We found that [remote workers] actually made us more productive overall.”

Do you have remote works at your company? This article is definitely worth a read: Hiring Remote Workers Made My Entire Team More Productive.

Also, check out the webinar The Future of Work Is Now: Unlocking the Benefits of On-Demand Talent to get even more insight on how to drive the most value out of your on-demand workforce.

Don’t Miss This CTO Event

Next week, HR Exchange Network is partnering with IQPC and several solution providers, including Catalant, to host a unique event for senior decision-makers and executives.

Featuring one-on-one workshops, case reviews and studies, interactive debates, panel and roundtable discussions, focus sessions and thought leadership conferences, attendees at this event will have ample networking and structured business development opportunities. Several master classes will also take place throughout the three-day event, including a class entitled, “Taking a “Gig Approach to Your Internal Talent to Drive a More Agile Workforce.”

Keynote speakers include Fernando Sanchez-Arias, Chief People Officer, Global Custom Commerce, The Home Depot, Sebastien Girard, Chief Workforce Planning, Parkland Health and Hospital System and Anne Monahan, Chief Talent Officer, VP Talent Solutions, BAE Systems.

The ETC Exchange happens March 19–20 at Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive in Orlando, Florida. This event is not to be missed, as senior leaders will have the opportunity to share insight and generate ideas to reach their business goals. However, it is invitation only, so be sure to request an invite today.

Tons of interesting news this week and events to look forward to. Be sure to stay abreast of the latest insights and trends, so you’re best prepared for the Future of Work.

When it comes to reimagining talent management, contingent workforce solutions and on-demand knowledge economy research, we’ve got you covered. Check back next week for another edition of Catalant’s Week-in-Review.

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