We’re doing our small part to help organizations on the front lines of facing the coronavirus.

During these trying times, we’re waiving the Catalant Fee on projects for qualified 501(c)(3)s that need to accelerate strategic work to help people affected by the pandemic.

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Featured Organization

Showcasing how nurses are leading through the COVID-19 pandemic—convening nurse experts to share timely information

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The Organization of Nurse Leaders (ONL) is a not-for-profit professional nursing organization for nurse leaders in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Vermont. Their members consists of more than 1,100 nurses at the bedside, nursing managers and directors, hospital Chief Nurses and CEOs, nursing school deans, nursing professors, and others.

The Challenge

ONL is striving to highlight nursing leadership and to provide accurate, positive information to a broader audience about how people affected by the coronavirus are receiving care from nursing professionals.

Nurses are leading the charge to help people whose health is affected by COVID-19. As many around the world stay at home to help flatten the curve, nurses are on the frontline to provide excellent patient care as members of multi-disciplinary teams to patients and patients’ families, neighbors, and friends as they navigate uncertain health information overload, byzantine public health systems, and alterations to the social fabric of day-to-day interactions.

Many nurses — ONL’s members — are working around the clock, providing extraordinary leadership and demonstrating amazing teamwork to care for people afflicted with the coronavirus. As an organization, ONL also provides timely, accurate nursing-focused information to its members during the public health crisis.

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The Work

The scope of work of ONL’s project called for strategic marketing efforts to bring its ONL’s inspirational, informational point-of-view to life by:

  • Curating and creating content and digital resources
  • Crafting and executing social media campaigns
  • Conducting PR efforts to share stories with local journalists and drive earned media coverage

Catalant has truly helped us get to the next level and advance the work of our organization. There is no shortage of projects we would like to do through your platform. We are living in such a different time, from even a week ago. While we are all adjusting to our new day-to-day routines, it’s acts of kindness, such as waving the Catalant Fee, that can really stop us in our tracks.

Amanda Stefancyk Oberlies

Chief Executive Officer
Organization of Nurse Leaders

Expert Spotlight

Jackie Leckas

Healthcare messaging, content, and go-to-market strategy

Minneapolis, MN


Jackie Leckas is a healthcare marketing pro with experience leading initiatives that define new segments, drive brand awareness, and create commercial demand. Her consulting engagements help health tech, medical device, and life sciences companies develop breakthrough sales and marketing communication.

Marketplace Services

ONL’s and Jackie’s project is currently in the beginning stages, and we’ll share more as they get from strategy to execution.

In the meantime, we’re honored that both ONL and Jackie used our platform to connect over the critical work to communicate the heroic, inspirational stories of nurses’ work on the front lines of helping those whose health is affected by the coronavirus.

How Catalant Can Help with COVID-19 Critical Work

Your most important work
must go on remotely.

Even as you seek to keep costs down, critical strategic work must continue. Although you may have tools to collaborate remotely, like Zoom and Slack, what’s difficult — and even more at risk right now — is the lack of alignment between the work that’s happening remotely and your organization’s key objectives. 

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COVID-19 | Strategic Talent Marketplace | Gig Economy | Catalant

Flexible access to strategic capabilities is more important than ever.

Traditional consulting firms aren’t right-sized for the work many companies need right now, and can no longer camp out in clients’ offices for the foreseeable future.

At the same time, your organization still needs similar capabilities — and results — to keep the business moving.

There are also many capabilities you now need and never needed until recently. Organizations must be able to flexibly access people with strategically important capabilities — and, in many cases, temporarily — to successfully navigate these times.

Visibility enables operational clarity to navigate uncertain times.

As an enterprise leader, you likely have no visibility into what work is being executed, whether the work that’s happening is moving forward, what value the work is driving, who’s doing the work, whether those people are the right people for the work, and whether those people are engaged and productive.

The uncertain times workforces now face only exacerbate this problem. Orchestrating critical work — and aligning the workforce — calls for a centralized way to provide real-time visibility across a remote, distributed workforce.

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