Unlock the power of your Current Employees

Get work done faster and enhance your employee experience by matching internal skills and capabilities to business needs

It’s difficult to fully understand what skills and capabilities you have in your organization, and employees want to use their skills and build new ones and are frustrated when they can’t. Catalant Solutions can help.

Get work done faster

Dynamically resource your business needs through a marketplace model with your existing employees

Compete for and retain the top talent you need

Enhance employee value proposition by enabling your people to use skills they have or build new ones and to grow their networks through work experiences beyond their day-to-day mandates

Uncover your skills and capabilities

Index your employees’ skills and capabilities and better understand your organizational strengths and weaknesses

How it works

the Catalant process aims to meet your needs
we understand your need
we adapt the Catalant Platform to meet your need
we make the Catalant Platform available for use
you work over the Catalant Platform and we support your use and adoption
we receive your feedback and adapt the Catalant Platform based on it

Interested in how Catalant Solutions can work for your enterprise?