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6 Elements of a Flexible Workforce

The future of work arrived ahead of schedule, thanks to a global pandemic, new technologies, and changing demographics. Today’s business leaders are rethinking their workforces, with 60% telling researchers they expect fewer full-time employees in the future while relying more on temporary freelance consultants and contractors.

4 Foundations of a Flexible Workforce

The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way business leaders think about their teams and their operations. As millions of people were forced into remote work for the first time (and millions more forced out of jobs altogether), the future of work changed in a flash.

Nailing Strategy Execution

In uncertain times, executing on your top priorities is more important than ever. And yet 70% of business leaders say they have little or no confidence in their organization’s ability to translate strategy into action. Now is the time to change that.

The 7 Keys for Creating a Strategic Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (EPMO)

Distributed teams, workers, and business units make it more challenging than ever to execute on high-impact strategic initiatives. In this eBook, we share insights into the best practices used to create high-performing EPMOs at the most successful companies.

Understanding Business Agility

Business leaders are under pressure to be more innovative, efficient, and faster to execute. Download this exclusive eBook — featuring real case studies from leading organizations — to learn what business agility means, and how to deploy it at almost any organization.

Cost Management Ebook | Covid-19 | Catalant

Rethinking Cost Management In Uncertain Times

Businesses today are focused on both cost and growth, looking to fund innovation with the savings from improved efficiency. But managing costs more strategically is easier said than done. Download this exclusive eBook — full of fresh data, real case studies, and insights from experts — to learn how smart organizations are thriving by reframing costs as capabilities.

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