Frequently asked questions

For Businesses

From a few hours to several months of work, businesses leverage Catalant to find an affordable, flexible solution to almost any business challenge, including:

  • Business Plans
  • Company Valuation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financial Projections & Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis and Research
  • Market Collateral
  • Marketing Plans
  • New Market Entry Plans
  • Performance Metrics & Benchmarks
  • Pitch Decks
  • Pricing Analysis and Advice
  • Social Media Advisory Services

In 2016, HourlyNerd rebranded as Catalant. The name ‘Catalant’ is a blend of “brilliant”, “talent”, and “catalyst”.

Experts are granted access to the platform only after we have evaluated their professional experience and education, ensuring that only the most qualified experts are able to bid on projects. In fact, over 90% of our experts have a secondary degree, whether that’s a top 40 MBA or PhD, and an average of 10+ years of work experience. Furthermore, Catalant’s ratings and review system enables clients to see exactly how experts have performed on past projects.

We have MSAs in place with many of our enterprise-level clients. For those companies that do not yet have an MSA in place, we can facilitate this process efficiently.

Project prices are set by our experts, and vary dramatically based on project type, length, and time sensitivity, as well as required expert experience. Best practice is to include a rough estimate of desired budget in your project bid, which gives the experts insight into the expectations of the business and allows them to determine if the project is of interest.

Projects on Catalant are fixed-price to better align expectations of both parties. Experts create milestones and bids based on the anticipated hours required, but price projects based on expectations for the entire project at a fixed amount.

The process is designed to be simple. Once the business selects an expert for the project, payment is securely transferred to Catalant. We hold on to the money in escrow until all milestones have been completed and the project has been marked as complete by the business. We then transfer the funds to the expert.

There are two ways for you to pay: 1. Through a secure credit card check out (powered by Stripe™) or 2. Invoicing . Our system utilizes industry-leading security measures, so you can feel comfortable that the payment is secure.

Our platform enables businesses to ask for further details from the expert or to propose a revised bid (different bid price, timeframe, etc.). This capability is provided during the project acceptance period.

Once a project is posted, our system finds and notifies experts with relevant experience and interests, and allows them to bid on the project. The company can expect to receive bids within hours and (depending on the user’s settings) will be notified via email each time a new bid is received.

Although most projects generate significant interest and obtain 3–5 bids, bidding activity depends on a number of factors including the project requirements, stated budget and industry.

Catalant provides certain enterprise-level clients with a dedicated Client Strategy Associate that will monitor the bid process ensuring that you get the highest quality bids for your project.

Although some experts will bid on a project within hours of it being posted, response time varies by project and our customers have found that at times they receive bids for days after posting. We encourage businesses to make a final decision as soon as feasible to ensure that their desired expert remains available.

We have developed (and continue to add features to) the Catalant Project Workspace whereby companies and experts can establish priorities and to-do lists, manage milestones, share documents and communicate during the project. Depending on the user’s settings, the business and the expert will receive email notifications of messages within our Project Workspace.

Once a business selects an expert they can immediately begin to engage using the Project Workspace.

Absolutely. In fact, one of the benefits of Catalant is that it allows you to “try before you buy”. For recurring part-time work (with an individual or group of experts), we can establish weekly or bi-weekly payment agreements. For placement of full-time hires, we charge 25% of the first year’s salary.

Absolutely. There are two ways one can go about this. You can hire one of the boutique firms on the platform, or you can build your own custom team of experts. If you choose to create a custom team, we recommend hiring a single projects manager to lead the team.

Certainly. Although all experts agree to keep all of their work through the Catalant platform confidential when they join the network, many of our business users choose to have experts execute their own NDA.

Customer satisfaction is critical to us. If for some reason you are unsatisfied, we will work to establish a successful outcome for you through mediation or expert replacement.

Confidentiality and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

For Experts

Catalant helps companies build an agile workforce, with technology and programs that enable them to access the talent they need, when they need it, wherever it is.

Catalant’s Expert Marketplace connects more than 50,000 independent consultants and boutique firms with companies’ projects across a variety of needs, including research, strategy, marketing, finance, sales, operations, and product initiatives, among others. Potential clients include more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100, 20 percent of the Fortune 1000, and thousands of other leading companies.

Anonymized data from clients train Catalant’s AI-powered talent matching and recommendation engine, which ensures the right people and firms get matched with the right work.

Signing up is easy. We welcome all independent experts, boutique firms, and teams to join.

Our platform automatically reviews completed profiles, and may grant you immediate access to bid on projects, if your capabilities and expertise align with clients’ needs.

If your profile isn’t immediately approved for bidding, please stand by. We’re committed to giving you the best possible experience, and will reach out when a posted project aligns with your skills and expertise.

Absolutely. Well over 1,000 boutique firms and expert teams currently use Catalant to connect with clients. Once you create a profile for your firm or team, we’ll schedule an introductory call to understand your firm or team’s capabilities and determine whether you’re a fit for joining the marketplace.

The duration, scope, and requesters of projects vary. Projects can last from a few hours to several months. Project scopes range from discrete tasks, like quick hit-financial analysis or developing marketing collateral, to large-scale traditional management consulting work, like organization-wide transformation or strategy for a new product. Companies of all sizes use our Expert Marketplace, but many are global enterprises.

Some clients start working with experts within hours of posting a project, while others take several weeks to decide, especially on large-scale projects. Our team communicates regularly with clients throughout the process and encourages them to both act quickly and update experts along the way. Once a client responds to your bid, you can message them directly via the platform.

No. There are no subscription fees, minimum commitments, or maximum commitments required to keep access to Catalant’s Expert Marketplace. Whether or not you take on projects is your choice.

Payments through Catalant are super simple and secure. We pay you as soon as both you and the client indicate that a project is complete. Best of all, we’ll handle invoicing clients, so you don’t have to.

After a project is complete, you and the client will be prompted to provide feedback and rate your experiences working with each other. Quality ratings and comments will appear on your profiles, visible to others.

Engaging a client through the Catalant Expert Marketplace and then working with them outside of it may be prohibited by our Terms of Service. If a client requests that you engage directly or receive payment outside of the platform, please notify us immediately via email at If we learn that you violated our Terms of Service with a client, we may suspend both of you from the Expert Marketplace immediately.