Re-engage your Former Employees

Access knowledge and know-how among your Alumni and Retirees

Older employees are retiring and younger employees are leaving in search of more flexibility, and it’s important, but difficult, to retain their knowledge and skills. Catalant Solutions can help.

Build high-quality talent resource

Leverage institutional knowledge and know-how among talent pool that will understand how to work in ‘your way’ from the get-go

Ensure compliance

Centralize engagement with employees on the Catalant Platform to standardize process and capture key data associated with classification, verification, among others

Create community and engender goodwill

Provide former employees with a ‘perk’ and the flexibility to work on a non-full-time basis when it is mutually beneficial

How it works

the Catalant process aims to meet your needs
we understand your need
we adapt the Catalant Platform to meet your need
we make the Catalant Platform available for use
you work over the Catalant Platform and we support your use and adoption
we receive your feedback and adapt the Catalant Platform based on it

Interested in how Catalant Solutions can work for your enterprise?