Beyond Contingent Workforce Management: Embracing an Agile Workforce

Catalant Staff

This article originally appeared on Spend Matters


Today, when it comes to talent — especially highly skilled or expert talent — organizations are at the beginning of a new phase of workforce innovation. In the coming years, organizations will be going beyond the now well-established practice of sourcing external contingent workforce to augmenting or even replacing parts of their “permanent” employee workforce. The next phase of workforce organization innovation is embracing an agile workforce model.

For organizations, the implications are far-reaching. The adoption of an agile workforce model will provide a strategic advantage to organizations in the years ahead. But adoption is at a very early stage. And while technology (including digital platforms) is a necessary condition to achieving an agile workforce, it is not a sufficient one. To realize all of the benefits of an agile workforce, organizations will need to think differently about how work is done and managed, how workers are engaged and their skills and knowledge applied, and, lastly, what new processes and communication channels must be established across different parts of an organization.


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