Catalant’s Reimagining Work 20/20 Report: Good Imagination or Perfect Vision?

Catalant Staff

This article originally appeared on Spend Matters:


Catalant, a provider of innovative solutions to access and maximize the value of expert talent, recently released a report entitled “Reimagining Work 20/20.” In essence, the report focuses on the evolving relationships among organizations, expert workforce and the so-called future of work.

Reimagining Work 20/20 examines why and how organizations are already on–or will need to begin–a transformational journey (our words) to arrive at a place where they can take full advantage of what Catalant calls the “radically agile workforce.” The report also acknowledges and cautions that the journey to becoming an agile organization will be a challenging one. And it identifies some of the obstacles organizations may encounter on their journey and suggests strategies and actions organizations can take to avoid collisions or run out of gas along the way…

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