Successful workers may be lifetime learners in the future and other insights on how work will likely change

Catalant Staff

This article originally appeared in BizJournal:


The Boston Business Journal held a panel discussion recently about the future of work. The group was convened by Deloitte and included local top executives. Panelists were Sean Belka, head of lab at Fidelity Labs; Larry Bohn, managing partner, General Catalyst Partners; Steve Hatfield, financial services principal in human capital, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Kevin McGovern, New England managing partner, Deloitte LLP; Martin Meehan, president, UMass; and Ronald O’Hanley, president and COO, State Street Corp. Boston Business Journal Publisher Carolyn Jones led the discussion…

What role do startups play in the future of work?

Bohn: What we do is we invest in companies that take advantage of modern technologies to provide value to customers in a different way. A good example is we backed a company locally called Catalant, which is a marketplace for consultants. Catalant’s idea is that people go to the top business schools and tend to work for consulting companies for two years, and a lot of (them) don’t want to work for a big firm but they have great skills. So, two entrepreneurs who had worked for a major consulting company built a marketplace and have 60,000 very high-quality consultants available for project work. I would say the vast majority of our successful companies will be multi-location, multinational; they will take advantage of technical talent in Kiev, and you know, marketing talent in New York, and the idea that the company has to reside within one location seems old-fashioned.


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